3D Ultrasound / 4D Ultrasound in PA Ultrasound

How 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound Changes the Face of Ultrasound

Read how 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound technology at our PA ultrasound center changes the face of traditional 2D ultrasound!

PA ultrasound facilities like Fetal Vision Imaging outside Philadelphia, PA give expectant parents an extraordinary look at their unborn baby in the womb. While traditional 2D ultrasound imaging has been used safely for more than 25 years, advances in ultrasound technology have brought an entirely new experience to the ultrasound table.

Our PA ultrasound center, which is conveniently located near Philadelphia, PA, offers the incredible experience of 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment. With a proven track record of providing expectant parents in PA and NJ with wonderful ultrasound experiences, we’re certain that you’ll cherish your time with us as well.

PA Ultrasound Insight – Traditional 2D Scanning

With conventional 2D scanning, the body is scanned using a probe over the surface of the abdominal area. Using sound waves, an image is received and displayed in many different layers, or slices. What you see when viewing your ultrasound on the screen is one particular slice as it can only render one layer at a time.

Traditional 2D Ultrasound Image

The above ultrasound image is probably the kind of image you are used to seeing when someone mentions having an ultrasound performed while pregnant. While you can see the outline of the baby’s head and body, everything else is pretty much left to your imagination.

Actual 3D Ultrasound Images Taken At Our PA Ultrasound Facility

PA Ultrasound Insight – 3D Ultrasound Scanning

With a 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound, the entire process is quite similar to a 2D scan only the end result is far more exciting and telling. Like with a 2D scan, a probe is swept across the mother’s abdomen and the computer takes these same layers or slices and renders them into life-like 3D images. As you can see below, the difference between the two technologies is night and day.

PA Ultrasound Insight – 4D Ultrasound Scanning

While a 3D ultrasound image is incredible enough, the advent of 4D ultrasound technology has brought the miracle of your unborn baby to an entirely new level. With 4D ultrasound, the computer takes the same multiple images it harvests during a 3D scan and renders them simultaneously on the computer screen to simulate movement.

If your baby moves its arms, you’ll see it in live motion. If he or she smiles, flexes his or her little fingers, or yawns, you’ll see it in real-time. Best of all, when you choose Fetal Vision Imaging as your PA ultrasound center, we can even record the entire ultrasound session so that you can watch your little one on DVD over and over again. And probably all over again!

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krystal Coupe
15:41 10 Nov 18
This is the place to go! My husband and I are expecting our first child.We had a previous doctors appointment and was told they could not hear the heartbeat or see the baby at 12 weeks. We both felt anxious knowing what this could possibly mean. We found this place and were very fortunate that they had an opening this morning. The staff member greeted us very kindly and the facility made you feel relax and at ease. When we went in and spoke with John he was very knowledgeable and gave good advice and tips about pregnancy and ultrasounds. We were very pleased with the results seeing the baby kick, hear its heartbeat and knowing the baby is there! I would recommend this facility, you won't be disappointed. Just follow and listen to what John says about how to get the best ultra sound results!! Thank you both again 🙂
Christian Reyes
15:57 01 Dec 18
We were on a search to find the best place to get our 3D ultrasound. After doing a Google Search, we found Fetal Vision Imaging. We are extremely happy with this place. Staff was super professional and their equipment was top notch. Picture quality was out of this World. We are more thatn satisfied. Recommend it 100%.
Jess Reinsel
15:39 24 Nov 18
I’ve been to Fetal Vision with all 3 pregnancies and each time, I leave extremely satisfied! Being able to get that first glimpse of your baby is an experience I would recommend to any pregnant woman. Fetal Vision allows pregnant moms and their families and friends to feel such a different type of connection to the new baby coming into their lives. The photos captured are second to none- clear, accurate, and excellent quality.
destiny pepito
19:06 25 Aug 18
Absolutely the best experience! Definitely recommend! At first my baby did not want to cooperate but they did everything in their power to get me the best pictures possible! The environment is very homey and comfortable! My family loved being able to watch and enjoy the ultrasound with me. He answered all of our questions and was able show us our baby perfectly. He took his time, was very personable and made sure I was at ease and enjoying my experience. I will definitely be sending all of my friends and family here!
Ryan Butler
15:01 27 Sep 18
Today we came in for the third time. This is our second baby that we’ve taken here and the images are insanely good. Our second visit he suggested drinking more water and coming back for better images and he was totally right. He barely charged us anything to come back in the 3rd time for better images. I highly recommend coming here over competitors. And drink lots of water! You’ll get the best pictures that way.
Dan Smith
15:22 08 Dec 18
We have been here several times and always have a great experience. 15 week gender determinations were correct and so was the sneak peek blood test! Great images each time.

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