Baby showers are a fun event for everyone invited. While there are many different themes you can choose from and meals to serve, there’s one baby shower question that you’ll always have to answer — where will it be held? If you’re tired of spending time at home and don’t want to worry about cleaning up any clutter, then it’s a good idea to host your baby shower somewhere else. For inspiration, let’s take a look at four baby shower location ideas and why they might be a good choice for your memorable event.

In Nature

Any mother who wants to celebrate the arrival of their coming child in nature will love having their shower in a national or state park. The scenic locations and wildlife of parks and nature preserves make them among the more beautiful baby shower venue ideas. From meadows and forests to lakes and mountains, there’s a lot of variety to choose from depending on where you live. Additionally, many parks have pavilions, picnic tables, and visitor centers that will make for a great place to host a baby shower and serve refreshments.


If you’re searching for baby shower location ideas that are in nature but have a more elegant and formal feel for your baby shower, consider hosting the event at a local botanical garden. Because gardens are home to so many beautiful flowers and plants, you won’t have to worry about decorating very much. Plus, the backdrop of a professionally maintained garden will be a perfect background for taking memorable photos.

At a Restaurant

Not interested in bringing your own food or finding a caterer to feed your guests? Then consider having your baby shower at a restaurant! Many restaurants have banquet rooms or similar areas that give you and your guests enough space to spread out and will still make your event private. Because there are many different choices to choose from depending on what kind of atmosphere you’d like or food you want to eat, restaurants are one of the more versatile baby shower location ideas. Not to mention, you get to enjoy freshly prepared meals straight from the kitchen.

In a Tea Room

Are you looking to have a more upscale and formal setting for your baby shower? Then a tea room will be the perfect place. Tea from fancy teapots and delicious finger foods will be the perfect way to create a memorable experience for both you and your guests — what’s not to love about this baby shower location idea?

At An Art Museum

Expecting mothers who want to have their baby shower in a beautiful venue that’s indoors and safe from any inclement weather will love what art museums have to offer. Many museums have rooms and spaces available for events, and baby showers are no exception. Not only will it be fun to look at all the art in the gallery, but it’s a perfect fit if you want to have a painting or art theme planned for the event. Alternatively, some similar baby shower location ideas include science museums and historical sites.

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