4D Ultrasound Videos

For 15 years, we at Fetal Vision Imaging have offered residents throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, as well as Trenton, Mercer, and Hamilton, NJ, with high-definition 3D ultrasound images they can cherish for a lifetime. However, with new advances in ultrasound technology, we can now offer astonishingly clear and interactive high-definition 4D ultrasound videos of babies in the womb. In the past, parents only had access to 2D black-and-white sonograms, where the child was frequently indistinct from his or her surroundings. Fortunately, we at Fetal Vision Imaging are committed to providing expectant parents and families with the best images of their growing child or children. We are proud to bring exceptional-quality high-definition 4D ultrasound videos of their babies moving freely without the limitations of still images.

4D Ultrasound Videos Captured at Our Facility

Watch a video or select a video gallery below. All videos were taken during 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound sessions at our facility in Philadelphia, PA.
NEW HD 4D Ultrasound Video 1
NEW HD 4D Ultrasound Video 2
NEW HD 4D Ultrasound Video 3
NEW HD 4D Ultrasound Video 4
NEW HD 4D Ultrasound Video 5

Standard 4D Ultrasound Videos

HD 4D Ultrasound Video 1
HD 4D Ultrasound Video 2
HD 4D Ultrasound Video 3
HD 4D Ultrasound Video 4
16 Weeks HD 4D Ultrasound Video
Read below for more information on our exceptional HD 4D ultrasound videos.  

The Difference Between 3D & 4D Ultrasounds

Although 3D and 4D ultrasounds have the same general purpose and are performed by similar advanced technology, they differ in a very observable way: 3D refers to still images that show the three spatial dimensions for a picture of the whole baby instead of a two-dimensional silhouette from traditional sonograms. 4D takes it up one more dimension. With 4D ultrasound videos, you can watch as your baby is moving in the womb in real-time. At Fetal Vision, 4D ultrasounds for twins, as well as triplet ultrasounds, are also performed by our experienced staff with similar results!  

Early Pregnancy 4D Scans

In the early weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is just beginning to develop, so it is usually more difficult to discern recognizable features. Although some parents may wish for HD 4D ultrasound videos at 15 weeks of the pregnancy or ultrasound videos in the 28th week of pregnancy, we take pride in providing the best experiences and results in the industry. If you want to see your baby’s face, pudgy arms, and toes, the 28-week 4D ultrasound is strongly recommended. The 31-week 4D ultrasound would also yield favorable results providing the right conditions with proper hydration. A fetus’s heart begins beating at 6 weeks, so, if you are still interested in seeing your baby at a very early stage of development and having the opportunity to see and hear some of your child’s first heartbeats, feel free to schedule an appointment between your 8th and 15th weeks. Note: early pregnancy ultrasounds require proof of prenatal care before the appointments When Can a 4D Ultrasound Determine Gender? Another great perk of an early pregnancy ultrasound is gender determination. While many parents wait until the birth of their children to know their babies’ genders, it is possible to determine the gender of a child using a 4D ultrasound beginning at 15 weeks. At Fetal Vision Imaging, we use the most advanced ultrasound technology to get a clear picture of the fetus. In fact, we are confident that we can determine gender with 100 percent accuracy beginning at the 15 weeks to 17-weeks pregnancy ultrasound videos. We have never once been wrong! When is the Best Time for a 4D Ultrasound? The best time for a 4D ultrasound is any time after you find out about the pregnancy. Although it may seem like an offhand response, there really is no right time to get an elective 4D ultrasound — it all depends on your preferences, schedule, and what you want to see. At 12 weeks, the ultrasound video will pick up the heartbeat and a nearly-developed fetus, while a 4D ultrasound video at 17 weeks pregnant will determine gender, begin showing limbs and facial features in more detail, and show the baby moving and active. In the later stages of pregnancy, images and videos become clearer and clearer. By the 28-week 4D ultrasound or the 32-week 4D ultrasound, the baby’s facial features usually become as distinct as is possible in the womb.  

When We Provide 4D Ultrasound Videos

No matter when in the pregnancy you want to schedule your 4D ultrasound video, we will be here to make your visit comfortable and engaging. Remember, earlier stages are great to witness the miracle of fetal development and the heartbeat, while later stages show clear, distinct, real-time images and movements of a baby still in the womb. We offer:
  • 12-Week Ultrasound Videos
  • 20-Week 4D Ultrasounds
  • 24- Week 4D Ultrasounds
  • 28- Week 4D Ultrasounds
  • 31-Week 4D Ultrasounds
  • 33-Week 4D Ultrasounds
Note: Conditions must be perfect and the mother must be fully-hydrated beforehand for 35-Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Videos and 4D scans at 36 weeks pregnant For 4D ultrasounds for twins and even triplets ultrasounds, we recommend booking an appointment prior to 25 weeks. At Fetal Vision Imaging, we pride ourselves on providing local families from Mercer, Hamilton, and Trenton, NJ, as well as Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, with high-quality twin ultrasounds at 25 weeks, 4D ultrasounds at 33 weeks, 35-week 4D ultrasounds, and 4D scans at 36 weeks pregnant that can be instantly downloaded and shared among friends and loved ones. In addition to HD ultrasound videos at the recommended 28 weeks pregnant, we offer twin ultrasounds as close as possible to 25 weeks pregnant. We also offer 3D Ultrasound Images for keepsakes and gifts for those closest to you and your family! Call Fetal Vision today for more information!