Baby showers are a special occasion, which means that it’s important to choose a memorable theme for everyone to enjoy. However, because there are so many different approaches you can take, settling on just one theme can be rather tricky. If you’re planning to host a baby shower this summer, here’s a look at five ideas and tips you should keep in mind.

Embrace the Summer Theme

The warm sunny days of summer provide a vibrant backdrop for a baby shower, which is why incorporating an outdoor setting into your baby shower ideas can be both fun and practical. Consider a beach or garden-themed baby shower, complete with floral decorations, a picnic-style meal, and light, refreshing drinks. This is a departure from the traditional baby shower held indoors and adds an element of uniqueness to your special celebration.

Create a Cooling Dessert Table

A dessert table is an essential part of any baby shower — but when hosting a summer baby shower, you can place a fun twist on it. Consider serving a selection of cooling desserts such as fruit salads, sorbets, and ice cream, to help your guests stave off the heat of the summer sun. You could even set up a DIY ice cream sundae station where guests can create their own personalized treats, which adds a fun element to your baby shower and helps cool and entertain your guests at the same time.

Fun Baby Shower Activities

Keeping your guests entertained is crucial to the success of any baby shower. One fun baby shower activity could involve making a scrapbook for the new baby. Each guest can bring a photo or memento to add to the scrapbook, creating a lovely keepsake for the parents and baby. Other activities might include games like ‘guess the baby food’ or ‘baby bingo’.

Personalized Decorations

Personalizing the decorations can make the event feel even more special for the pregnant parent. Consider using the baby’s name (if it’s known) or the parents’ names in the decorations. You could also incorporate elements of the parents’ personalities or hobbies to make the event feel truly unique and personal.

Make it a Day to Remember

A baby shower is a special time for the parents-to-be. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby with loved ones. By incorporating these summer baby shower ideas, you can ensure that it’s a day full of fun, love, and special memories. Whether it’s through the choice of setting, the dessert table, the activities, or the personalized decorations, each element should reflect the joy and anticipation of this lovely moment in life.


Remember, the most important thing is that everyone — especially the parents-to-be — has a great time. So embrace the summer theme, keep things light and fun, and enjoy celebrating this special time.

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