Being a new mom means you have to be prepared at all times, including during your outing with the little one. By now, you have probably invested in a well-sized diaper bag, but trying to figure out what to pack and leave behind can be a challenge.

To get you started, we have compiled a list of all the essential supplies you should never be without.


An adequate supply of diapers during your outing is crucial. Ideally, you may need at least one diaper every two hours, but pack a few extra just in case.


Where the diapers go, the wipes should follow. Pack enough baby wipes to last through multiple diaper changes and cover emergency messes like spit-ups. If you can’t bring the whole container, keep the wipes moist using a separate plastic sandwich bag.

Changing Pad

Your diaper bag could come with a changing pad. However, it doesn’t hurt to pack one extra if you have room.

Small Empty Sacks

Small bags will come in handy for storing soiled diapers just before you dispose of them. You can also use them to store used pacifiers and nipples.

Baby Food

Don’t forget to pack enough baby food for your little one! This could include infant formula, pumped breast milk, and other recommended baby foods.

Light Blankets and Change of Clothes

No matter the season, it is always wise to toss in a light blanket in case of an unexpected breeze or drafty weather. You should also include plenty of baby clothes as well as burp cloths and washcloths.


If your little one is older than six months, carry some sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays. Try to limit their time in the sun by using a blanket or a hat.

Other Essentials

  • Baby cream/ointment — You can tuck the baby cream and ointments safely on the sides of your bag.
  • Pacifiers — Store pacifiers in a clean mini-bag where you put extra bottle nipples.
  • Hand sanitizer You will need a hand sanitizer after feeding or changing the baby.

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