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Congratulations! You just found out you’re expecting! Regardless of whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, announcing your pregnancy to friends and family is always an exciting event to plan. Being creative can seem a bit overwhelming, especially with all the ideas floating around on social media. We get it, you don’t want to do the same thing somebody else already did, but the excitement of your pregnancy is cutting your ideas short.

Because of this, we have come up with a short list to help you get started on your own version of your pregnancy announcement, so relax, don’t worry, enjoy the moment and plan your surprise as thoroughly as you desire.

Sports Draft

If you and your partner are into a specific sport, using it to announce the draft of a new player is a wonderful way to showcase your pregnancy in an activity you both love. Dress up as coaches or players, add a bat, a ball, or whatever prop to highlight the sport, and add a picture of your high definition 3D ultrasound to make the announcement. The excitement will surely be transmitted to your friends or family as they get to look at all the details of the image.

Add Your Pet to the Fun

Your pet is an important part of the family, so include your fur baby in the fun of the announcement. A good idea is to take a picture of your family and use a paintboard with the words “Mom & Dad are getting me a new human!” next to your pet as a prop. That will get the message across in a very endearing way.

Scrabble Board

Nothing helps you spell out anything better than that Scrabble board game you’ve been keeping in your closet. Simply place the tiles on the board with the announcement and take a picture to upload to your social media where everybody can see it. Don’t forget to add your due date and high definition 3D ultrasound to the message!

For the Movie Fan

If you’re a fan of movies, find a clapper board, and use it to announce your “Coming Soon” baby. Add the due date and a photo of your ultrasound for added effect.

Tiny Shoes

Nothing provides the Awww factor more than a pair of baby shoes. Simply take a picture of you and your partner wearing your favorite shoes and add a pair of booties in between the two of you. If you want, you can add the due date or nothing at all. Either way, you will get the message across in a sweet way.

Having a baby is a huge event in everybody’s life, and your friends and family will enjoy being included in your pregnancy announcement. If you’re looking to have a pregnancy ultrasound in Bucks County at Fetal Vision Imaging, we are always happy to help you share the joy!