Having a baby is exciting for many new moms, and if there’s a mother-to-be in your life, you’re probably thinking about the best gift for her to celebrate her pregnancy and delivery. At Fetal Visual Imaging, Bucks County‚Äôs experts in 4D ultrasound videos, we’re looking at some of the top gifts that new moms want but may be too afraid to ask for.

These are gifts for momma herself to make her more comfortable and feel pampered during those stressful first couple of months postpartum.

Fresh Meals

Nutrition is important to help speed healing in new mothers and give them the energy they need to take care of their little ones. For breastfeeding moms, it’s even more important, as what they eat makes a big difference in the nutritional value of their breast milk. Giving a new mother a subscription to a meal delivery service can help reduce the amount of time she spends cooking while treating her and her family to a delicious, fresh meal.

Yoga Pants

Postpartum bodies can be sore and bloated, and having comfortable pants makes a big difference. Choosing maternity yoga pants as a gift can give mom something comfy, plus many types of yoga pants have some stretch and some support, which can be important as her body bounces back to normal.

Wireless Headphones

Cluster feedings and waking up multiple times a night can be rough on moms. Wireless over-the-ear headphones can allow her to watch a show on a mobile device or listen to music without disturbing the baby.

Soothing Breast Pads

Breastfeeding moms often have sore breasts and nipples. Reusable breast pads that can be placed in the freezer or microwave can help with swelling or prevent mastitis and help calm sore nipples after nursing. If you can find some that have soothing herbs inside, this can also help reduce swelling of the breasts and nipples.

Greet Your New Baby Early!

At Fetal Visual Imaging, we specialize in the best ultrasounds for any pregnancy, including twin ultrasounds in Bucks County. We use industry-leading technology and advances to give you and your family a beautiful keepsake memento of the newest member. Give us a call today for more information and to book your appointment today!