The right ultrasound experience leaves an impression that can last a lifetime. If you have a loved one expecting a child, this is the perfect opportunity to give that perfect experience through gift certificates. Today, we’re going to explain why this type of ultrasound is the ideal early bonding experience for any family expecting a child.

No Longer Black & White

Ultrasound photos that are just black and white get the job done and hold sentimental value, but a truly extraordinary moment deserves visuals just as exceptional. With our 3D and 4D high-definition ultrasound technology, we can capture those little moments into something truly worth keeping. Our HD images are in color and realistic, giving the full experience of the baby being there with you.

More Than Visual

While regular ultrasounds offer the benefit of hearing your child’s heartbeat, our 4D HD experiences take it all a step further. At as early as 6 weeks pregnant, ultrasound video can show and capture the pulse. This video capture is more than just a memory for yourself, but everyone around you. These videos are yours and are a perfect way to announce your baby’s upcoming arrival on social media or to show family members at get-togethers.

A Comfortable & Shared Experience

Outside of the 3D images and 4D ultrasound videos we provide with these certificates, there’s plenty of reason to go with Fetal Vision Imaging for this once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your loved ones. With the orthopedic bed for the mother, a comfortable chair beside her for the father, and sectional sofa seating available for additional adults, the actual first viewing experience is no longer required to be something for just the expecting couple. Make your ultrasound session more than a necessary step in giving birth, but rather a shared celebration with those you love.

Trusted Professionals & Service

At Fetal Vision Imaging, we know that quality and experience are crucial to making an experience seamless and productive. Our trained professionals will assist in every step of making sure the ultrasound is successful. The images are the best quality possible in the situation, and your video will be ready to share with the world. We promise a perfect experience from start to finish that is worthy of being remembered for years to come.

If you are interested in our 3D and 4D ultrasound services, contact us today to receive more information and make the decision of the lifetime for you or a loved one.