High Definition 3D Ultrasound Images

HD Ultrasound images are available at Fetal Vision Imaging The following 3D ultrasound / HD ultrasound images were captured in our facility in Levittown, PA, near Philadelphia, PA. If you would also like to see Before and After photos of 3D ultrasound images, please visit our Before and After images page. All images on this website have been captured by John Hamburg of Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown, Pa. and may not be used without expressed written consent from Fetal Vision Imaging.

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NEW HD Ultrasound Images from Client Sessions

HD Ultrasound Images from Client Sessions

While many expecting mothers see their babies for the first time on the black-and-white images from their pregnancy ultrasounds at the doctor’s office, most would rather see their baby with a better quality image. For years, the two-dimensional, indistinct sonogram images were the only way to see the child in the womb; however, this technology has advanced in recent years and is capable of providing better glimpses, even for the first ultrasound or sonogram of the pregnancy! At Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown, PA, we are proud to offer high-definition 3D ultrasounds to expecting mothers and families from Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, as well as Mercer, Trenton, and Hamilton, NJ. Our advanced pregnancy ultrasounds can add life and quality to your early pregnancy sonograms all the way to your last sonogram during pregnancy. Read on to learn more about how Fetal Vision Imaging can enhance your pregnancy ultrasounds, including gender determination and gender reveal experiences!

Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds

At Fetal Vision Imaging, we offer many options for early pregnancy ultrasounds, including gender determination and high-definition 3D ultrasounds beginning at 15 weeks! Our ultrasound technology is the best in the area, and our staff has years of experience providing exceptional 3D baby sonograms to happy families. Whether you come in for an HD ultrasound in your first trimester or an ultrasound for gender determination at 15 weeks, we are determined to make your elective early pregnancy ultrasound experience at Fetal Vision fun, interactive, and special for you and your loved ones!

HD Live Sonogram

High-definition 3D ultrasounds are our specialty at Fetal Vision Imaging, but we take this service one step further. Introducing the HD Live Ultrasound: one of the only ultrasound and sonography experiences where expecting parents can see their baby in astonishing clarity. The black-and-white 2D imagery of the past cannot compare with the quality of the HD Live Sonograms produced by our GE Voluson E-8 ultrasound. The probe has a virtual light designed to add brightness to the sonogram and show the fetus in the womb, not as a splotchy silhouette but as a living, breathing baby. With our HD pregnancy ultrasounds, you can see clear facial features and expressions, noses, cheeks, and even eyelids! Learn more about how we can make your first sonogram or ultrasound in your pregnancy to later ultrasounds memorable experiences for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Can You Hear a Baby’s Heartbeat on Ultrasound?
Babies’ hearts begin beating at about 6 to 7 weeks. Therefore, if you have an appointment for an early pregnancy sonogram or to reveal the gender of your child at 15 weeks, you will definitely hear your baby’s heartbeat.
  • When Can You See Heartbeat on Ultrasound?
Since babies’ hearts start beating at about 6 weeks, any time afterward — starting at 6 or 7 weeks — you will be able to see and hear your child’s heart pumping. Schedule a first look baby ultrasound at Fetal Vision Imaging, and we will work out the best time to pay us a visit! The first ultrasound or sonography session of your pregnancy is always an exciting one, so schedule with us today!
  • When is the Best Time to Get a 3D Ultrasound?
The best time to schedule a high-definition 3D ultrasound depends on what you want to see. At around 15 weeks to 20 weeks, you will see the whole baby and witness its movements (e.g., grabbing feet, kicking). However, at this time, the facial features will not be fully developed. Further along at 28 weeks to 30 weeks, you will most likely get the best, most detailed images possible from your high-definition 3D ultrasound. At this point, the baby will likely be head-down, and the facial features will be more filled in and prominent in the HD live sonogram. The best week to get a 3D HD live ultrasound is really whichever week that you want to see your baby. From 15 or 16 weeks to 32 weeks, you are guaranteed to see your baby in the womb, but 28 weeks is generally accepted as the best week . The longer you wait, the more defined your pregnancy ultrasound will be.
  • A first-trimester sonogram will not be distinct enough for facial features, but you can see the developing fetus and see and hear its heartbeat.
  • A 2nd-trimester sonogram will show the whole baby moving around freely in the womb with more developed features. This is the perfect time for a gender determination ultrasound.
  • By the end of the second trimester into the final stages of pregnancy (from 28 weeks to 30 weeks), the image will be clear, allowing you to see resemblances and expressions. Although, by 36 weeks, great images can be obtained, conditions must be perfect and the mother should be well-hydrated

Take Advantage of 3D Baby Sonograms at Fetal Vision Imaging

Since 2005, we at Fetal Vision have offered the best ultrasound technology available for expecting parents at all stages in the pregnancy, including first-trimester ultrasounds and 2nd-trimester sonograms, as well as the last sonograms during pregnancy. We are a local, family-owned HD ultrasound provider, making memories for parents and families throughout the Delaware Valley, including Mercer, Hamilton, and Trenton, NJ, as well as Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA. In addition to 3D first look baby ultrasounds, first trimester ultrasounds, other early pregnancy sonograms, and later trimester ultrasounds, we at Fetal Vision Imaging provide 4D Ultrasound Videos for more interactive experiences upon request! All images and videos from your first trimester sonogram or other ultrasound services by Fetal Vision are instantly downloadable for instant sharing among friends and family. Whether you are looking for a place to have your first pregnancy ultrasound or you are 20 weeks or more along in your pregnancy, contact Fetal Vision Imaging! We can make everything, from the first sonography experience in your pregnancy to your last, a fun, engaging, and memorable event. Call us for more information or to schedule your first 3D pregnancy ultrasound today!