Hosting a baby shower is always a fun and exciting occasion, no matter what time of year it is. However, there’s something a little more magical about celebrating one in December with Christmas right around the corner. Let’s look at several Christmas baby shower ideas to help make your gathering a memorable event you’ll be reminiscing about for years to come.

Christmas-Themed Baby Shower Decorations

While festive colors such as verdant green and red, like Santa’s clothes, are both perfect for holiday season decor, there are many other color options available for Christmas-themed baby showers. White and shades of blue are evocative of the snowy winter months, and pastel hues are always welcome. Just about all of your decorations can fit a particular color scheme, or you can settle on a theme instead to make your baby shower a memorable event — how many people can say they’ve had an ugly sweater contest at a baby shower before? Your favorite Christmas song or Rankin Bass special are also fitting topics for a potential theme.

Decorating for holiday baby showers is relatively easy, given how much Christmas decor you likely already own. This event will give you an opportunity to use your wreaths and garlands, multi-colored lights, gingerbread houses, and other holiday decorations for a different purpose. If any of your decorations include a family of reindeer, penguins, or other holiday critters, consider using the youngest of the bunch as the focus of your decorations to represent your coming child.

No Christmas celebration is complete without a decorated evergreen tree, and baby showers are no exception. However, you can put a unique spin on the decorations when using them for a Christmas-themed baby shower. Stuffed toys, dolls, bottles, and other baby-related items will look perfect on a little tree at your gathering.

Food for Your Holiday Baby Shower

Nothing says Christmas quite like hot cocoa and eggnog, and they’ll certainly be welcome beverages at your baby shower. However, you don’t have to feel restrained by the traditions of the season when planning your menu. Some of your guests may prefer a change of pace from the usual holiday fare they’ve been eating at all their other holiday parties. No matter what you end up serving, consider serving something warm to help attendees stave off the winter chills. 

Still, even if you opt for more unconventional finger foods and refreshments at your Christmas-themed baby shower, you don’t have to abandon the holiday theme. Shape your treats like wreaths, snowflakes, and other Christmas designs. Better yet, make your treats and holiday cookies shaped like baby rattles and other child-like images.

Give Festive Favors

To thank guests for coming to your Christmas-themed baby shower, send them out the door with a present of their own. People always love party favors, and this is your chance to give them something memorable. Hot chocolate mixes, ribbons, and wrapping paper for presents are all gifts that your guests can make use of throughout the holidays. What better way to thank them for coming to your baby shower than making their Christmas season a little easier?

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