Decorating the nursery is an exciting project for expectant parents — especially with the current options available. A challenging previous year has caused many of us to focus on creating an atmosphere of health, comfort, and serenity in our homes. These new priorities are reflected in this year’s colors, prints, and accessories.

Although many of the current nursery trends are unisex, some parents prefer to wait until they know the gender of their baby before designing the nursery. And getting a 3D baby sonogram in Bucks County is a fun way to find that out! Read on to learn all about the top nursery design trends for 2021.

Trending Nursery Colors

One of the first considerations when planning your baby’s nursery is color. Some of the more popular nursery colors this year are:

  • White
  • Dusty Rose
  • Lavender
  • Pearl Gray
  • Muted Turquoise and other shades of blue
  • Natural tones including beige, terra cotta, and green

Floral or Leaf Prints

Animal motifs have always been popular, and there’s no shortage of cute elephant crib bedding this year. However, what really dominates those Pinterest boards and boutique shelves are floral and leaf prints. From colorful flowers to large jungle leaves, foliage prints are all the rage.

Natural Materials and Houseplants

With everyone staying home more these days, flowers, leaves, and earth tones help us recreate the outside world. Natural materials such as wicker are on-trend, but some natural accessories aren’t just for looks. Live houseplants are a great way to add beauty and improve the air quality in your child’s room.

Elaborate Light Fixtures

As you’re browsing online for nursery design ideas, there’s one thing you’ll notice in every baby’s room, and that’s the light fixture. You may not have thought about purchasing a chandelier for your baby, but a bold fixture will add a touch of elegance to any nursery. Remember: A well-designed nursery involves more than just painting the walls and purchasing crib bedding. It’s all about the accessories.

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