One of the most fun and exciting parts about being pregnant is finding out if a little girl or a little boy is in the works. Gender reveals have been popular for many years, usually involving close friends and family, but recently there has been a new trend that brings this intimate event to a new level: gender reveal parties! These parties are a great way to get everyone involved and have fun celebrating your baby, and it can be even more fun when you don’t know the gender of your child!

If you are looking to join in but have never planned a gender reveal party before, we at Fetal Vision Imaging have some fun suggestions for a truly memorable event.

The Party Planning Process

    1. Schedule an Ultrasound & Gender Determination with Fetal Vision
      It is essential to go to your doctor for medical ultrasounds when you find out you are pregnant; however, finding out the gender of your baby is another question. Usually, it takes 20 weeks for most places to determine gender. But, at Fetal Vision, we can determine gender with 100 percent accuracy beginning at 15 weeks. We also offer the SneakPeek® Clinical DNA Blood Test Gender Determination that can let you know beginning at 9 weeks.
    2.  Decide on Party Theme & Decorations
      Some thematic ideas include bowties or bows; pirates or mermaids; prince or princess; and little mister or little sister. You can make it simple (pink or blue) or as creative as you like. Hang a banner over the door, set up balloons, and find decorations that match your theme.
    3. Set the Date & Send Out the Invitations
      You can’t have a party if there isn’t a date! Try to pick a date that works for you before worrying about your potential guests. Then, send out the invitations. Make sure to make the nature of the party obvious, in case any of your guests haven’t heard of a gender reveal party before.
    4. The Gender Reveal
      The big event! How are you going to reveal the gender of your baby? Here are some fun ideas to start:

      • Confetti & Smoke Cannons: These cannons have tons of confetti and colored smoke that you can launch up to ten feet in the air. Come into Fetal Vision Imaging for an ultrasound, and we can get you a couple for your party!
      • Balloon Pop: fill a big, black balloon with pink or blue confetti. Pop it to reveal the gender.
      • Balloon Trunk: Fill a trunk or box with pink or blue balloons. Open it up and let them fly.
      • Pinata: Fill a pinata with pink or blue colored sweets and take a swing. This idea is particularly popular if there will be lots of kiddos.
      • Reveal Cake: Everybody loves cake. Cover a blue or pink cake with a neutral color icing. Cut the cake to reveal the color inside


    5. Fun Activities & Games: This is a party, right? Keep your guests entertained by asking your guests to wear pink or blue to match their best guess, initiate a guessing game with one of your ultrasound images, or create a time capsule for your baby-to-be.
    6. Food & Drinks: Stick with the theme. Party foods are always a hit, and you can find great suggestions online. Have pink and blue drinks at the door or put both gender signs on cupcakes — the options are endless.

Gender reveal parties are fun to host, and they don’t require you to know the gender beforehand. Hand that sealed envelope you got after the ultrasound to your baker friend or the party store associate, and have them do the work. This way you will find out the gender of your baby alongside the people you love.

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