When babies start teething, a process where their teeth begin to push through their gums, it tends to cause significant discomfort. For that reason, many parents give their infants teething toys so that they have something safe to chew on and relieve pain. In addition, these toys also help them develop more awareness of their mouth and even contribute to the creation of their first babbles and words. As you await the arrival of your new child, here’s a look at five of the best teething toys for babies.

Toothbrush Teething Toys

Toothbrushes are some of the best teething toys for babies for a good reason. As the name suggests, these teething toys are designed to look like a toothbrush and come in many fun and creative designs. Both the toothbrush handle and silicone bristles give infants plenty of places to chew and ease their teething pain — however, that’s not their only benefit. Because they look just like toothbrushes, they can also help babies learn and develop brushing habits for when they’re old enough to brush.

Object Teething Toys

Some of the most popular teething toys resemble everyday items, including different types of food that are complete with various appealing textures they’ll love to chew on. Some of the very best teething toys for babies look like animals, which are lightweight and have fun designs that can make little ones even more eager to chew on them.

Ring-Shaped Teething Toys

Rings are some of the most popular teething toys because of how easy they are for little hands to hold onto. They’re made with many different materials. Not only are rings among the best teething toys for babies because of their bright and visually appealing colors, but some even have noisy rattles for them to shake and play with.

Softer Teething Toys

Some teething babies prefer to chew on softer toys. In case your future infant is one of them, consider teething toys made from cloth and softer materials, such as a teething blanket.

Chillable Teething Toys

Some of the best teething toys for babies are designed to be placed in the refrigerator, as the cooler temperatures help soothe sore gums in teething infants. However, be mindful that putting them in the freezer will make them too cold and hard for baby hands to hold. Look for chillable teething toys that have a holder or handle for your little one to grasp.

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