Before & After Photos

Read the Testimonials on our client’s experiences at our 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound imaging center. Many before and after photos can be seen here as well. Please consider Fetal Vision for your next 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound experience.



Kyla Bunni Mitchell

Ultrasound 28 weeks


Martha Atkinson

Sunshine Atkinson. Sep 13 at 6:15pm • Groveville, New Jersey, Sebastian was born! Everyone can't get over how amazing your 3D images are!!!

Alexis Dean

Was going through our pictures this morning and was amazed by how accurate the ultrasound pictures were! Would definitely recommend and use them again!!


Martha Atkinson

Sunshine Atkinson. Sep 13 at 6:15pm • Groveville, New Jersey

Samantha Mostaccio Palladino

The 4D ultrasound was pretty accurate! #fetalvisionimaging #thatface #JMPV


Ashley Carroll

Alexandria Marchak Guthreau

Exact! FetalVision Imaging #10monthsold

Ashley Marie Laine DiPipi

This little guy loved putting his hands over his eyes ever since he was in mommy's belly!!


Jenna Raquel

Before and After thank you again FetalVision Imaging for getting such great pictures of JJ.


Amanda Hartnett

Crazy how accurate the 4D ultrasound is to our precious boy born 7/5/17.

Lashaya Yeldell

All I have to say is FetalVision Imaging does an excellent job at getting you an inside look at your little one before they arrive. I was 31 weeks when I had the ultrasound and the other pic was taken the day he was born! It is almost scary that it is pretty much the exact same picture taken 9 weeks apart . #FetalVision


Brittany Dougan

Thank you FetalVision Imaging he looks just like his ultrasound !!!

Alexis Corbi

Brielle Paige born May 25th

Nicole Viscusi-Rogers

Still can't believe how much he looked like his sonogram. Crazy!! As always.. FetalVision Imaging is the best

Sammi Breischaft

Hayden Elizabeth arrived yesterday at 2:42pm

Shanna Cross Jeral

Jeremy Greyson Jeral. Thanks FetalVision Imaging

Kristina Lamia

So glad we got to sneak a peak at Baby Michael before we met him in real life.

Jess Reinsel

Tricia Rose Kowalick

Duncan Grant at 28 weeks in utero and less than a week out! Amazing how clear the images were!

Meghan Burghardt

I'm so glad we got 3D images done of Baby Anton when he was in the womb. @fetalvision was pretty spot on #mybabyboy #eaglesfamily #fetalvisionimaging #3dphoto #peanut #myheart #apb3 #tonysspittingimage #burghardtpartyofthree #babyburghardt 13.2cm,

Heather Lynn

9 weeks ago, we went for our second 3D ultrasound and got a sneak peek at this little nugget…. we wondered how accurate it would be.

Kristen Janik

Crazy how the 3D/4D ultrasound really does look exactly like him I just keep staring at him, I can't believe he's really mine #pureperfection #Jaxonjunkies #9daysold.

Alyssa Hanes

Benjamin Alexander born 09.24.17!

Kate Wright

They look like their 4D Photos. So crazy.

Kelli Madden

Benjamin at 16 months vs 28 weeks 4 days


Amber VernitskyI

High Definition 3D/4D Ultrasound Experience: Thank you for such great pictures! My son looks exactly like the ultrasound I am amazed! And we had such a great experience with you! Once at 15 weeks and then again at 32 Connor anthony born 10/09/2017



From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to get a 3D ultrasound done. It is truly an amazing experience. We will definitely be back in the future!

Karen & Ryan, January 2015
Fairless Hills, PA




Such an amazing experience! Couldn’t wait for the before and after, his profile is identical!

Jenna H., January 2014
Levittown, PA




Amazing experience– from seeing my son’s little nose to the friendly staff! They say love at first sight is what you feel when you have a baby- this was defiantly love at first sight seeing my son!

Jennifer L., July 2014
Warminster, PA




This is baby Shane during my 29th week of pregnancy & his 3rd week outside of the womb 🙂 Visiting your facility was an experience of a lifetime! I have been spreading the word about Fetal Vision to all of my pregnant friends! Thank you so much for letting us see our baby boy before he entered the world!

Jackie & Mark, January 2015
Wilmington, DE





It was such an amazing experience to be able to see what my baby looks like before he is born. As you can see, the ultrasound is on point. I had several friends who, unfortunately for them, went somewhere else and were not pleased with the way their pics turned out. They wish they would have gone to Fetal Vision. I highly recommend them!

Patty M., December 2014
Philadelphia, PA




Thank you for letting me have this amazing experience with you!

Cynthia V., January 2014
Philadelphia, PA




From the moment I walked into the office until the moment I left I felt very comfortable. Even when my son was being tricky and hiding from us, John was very patient. My DVD’s are going to be cherished forever. I am so glad I went with the HD Platinum package so we could see our little boy twice.

Christina D., June 2014
Maple Shade, NJ




Thanks again for everything while I was pregnant. One of the things that she did in the ultrasound was suck her thumb. It took some time, but we officially have a thumb sucker on our hands! It’s still so cool to have all of the ultrasound pictures from you guys! We’ll be calling you for the next one…in a few years 🙂

Rachel & Tim R., February 2014
Yardley, PA




We couldn’t believe our eyes! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Regina W. February 2014
Mt. Ephraim, NJ





I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me this amazing experience of my son Brayden Joseph. He looks EXACTLY the same inside and outside of the womb!

Breanna M., January 2013
Philadelphia, PA





Last February Fetal Vision did my 3D ultrasound. I attached a before and after image of my son Taj. Taj is currently a one year old. It’s amazing how he still looks like his 3D image!

Angel W., July 2013
Philadelphia, PA





This is our before & after picture, that cracked us up! Everyone around us loved it 🙂 This is Lacey Lynn at 28 weeks before we knew she was a Girl! She was born on her due date of March 22, 2013! I absolutely loved our experience at Fetal Vision Imaging. Seeing our baby in 3d/4d was just amazing. It also made the rest of my pregnancy more fun & anxious, trying to guess if that little precious face we saw, was a boy or a girl! <3 Thank you!

Shannon & Ralph A., December 2013
Philadelphia, PA





I just wanted to send you a before/after picture of our baby boy Benjamin, born 6/1/11. We really enjoyed getting our 3d ultrasound at Fetal Vision Imaging, and we’ll be sure to come back during any future pregnancies. It is so cool and interesting to be able to compare Benjamin’s newborn pictures with what he looked like in the womb. Thank you for everything!

Erin C., September 2011
Philadelphia, PA



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Meet Landon Tyler 7 lbs. Born March 29, 2009! Thank you so much! You guys are great! We will definitely be back again for our next child!

Bari L. August 2009
Philadelphia, PA





Just a quick note to let you know that Sharon & I welcomed our little bay boy (Ashton) into the world on Thursday November 12, 2009! Ashton was 8 lbs. 4 oz. at birth. We’ve attached a few pictures of Ashton. We thought you might like them for the before & after pictures section of your web site. Once again thank you for the wonderful 3D/4D ultrasound experience!

Sharon & Alan C. November 2009
Deptford, NJ





Hi Sherry! I raved about you and John to Kristen and told her to drive down (she lives in Scranton, PA which is about 2 hours north from Phila). She loved the pics you provided us of Graysen and said it was such an awesome experience for her and Michael to see the baby!!! I talk about your business to everyone! I’ve attached a few pics of Graysen! He did arrive on Oct 1st weighing 6lbs 5oz and was 19.5 inches long! He’s GORGEOUS. I can’t take it! Take care!

Dimitra & Charles H. October 2009
Philadelphia, PA



Hi! I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound experience. The moment the music began and I saw our precious little boy’s face was such a memorable experience and brought tears of joy to my eyes. It really brings the pregnancy to life to see him so clearly. The DVD and pictures will be great memories to share with our little one throughout his lifetime.

Sincerely, Cristian, Sabrina, Isabela and Octavio P.,
July 2009 Philadelphia, PA




We had our 3D ultrasound performed at your facility a few months shy of giving birth to our beautiful boy, Liam. We appreciate your honoring our request to keep the sex a secret even with our family members present. Your incredibly friendly staff and intimate setting helped to make this an experience of a lifetime. We have and will continue to recommend Fetal Vision Imaging with any expecting couples that we know. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

Lindsay & David K., February 2009
Audubon, NJ




I first came to your facility June of 2007 when my sister was pregnant. I was amazed seeing my godchild for the first time on the big screen! My sister was told at her regular ultrasound that the gender was a girl. If she had not had a 4d ultrasound with you, her son Colin would have had a pink room!

I was given a gift certificate to your facility for my son. I have attached before and after pictures of him. My friends and family are so impressed how exact the 4d images are to the way my son actually looks. Logan Matthew was born on April 2nd, 2009. He weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz. and was 22 inches long.

Thank you for a great experience!

Matt & Melissa K., May 2009
Feasterville, PA




My husband and I had the 3D/4D imaging done at your facility during my 29th week of pregnancy. We just wanted to send you a heartfelt “thank you” for allowing us a sneak peek into what our beautiful little boy would look like. We were amazed at the detail that your images provided but more amazed that the images looked exactly like our son when he was born. We wanted to share a few photos with you so you can see the amazing resemblance.

Our son, Evan James, was born March 24th, 2008 and is healthy and happy. Thank you Fetal Vision for making our first pregnancy extra special.

Laurie L. & Travis V., March 2008
Bangor, PA




Hi! I am giving you guys a follow up on our little Hailee.(5.05 lbs./18.75 in.) We went to Fetal Vision Imaging on April 16th, 2009 and saw her for the first time. It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad we chose to go there! Hailee was born on May 15th, 2009 and we are always so thrilled to show her off to friends and family. When doing so, we always take along our pictures we received at Fetal Vision and compare the two. Everyone is amazed at how much she looks just like she did on 4/16! Thank you for allowing us to take a peek at our little princess before she arrived! 🙂

Thanks again!
Amber & Shawn M., May 2009
Philadelphia, PA




So this is a long time coming, we had visited your amazing facility back in November of 08. We have to admit it was an experience of a life time! Giving us the ability to see our little baby boy before anyone else, was just simply unforgettable. We thank you so much for giving us such a great gift!

We wanted to introduce you to a very special little boy, our little angel Caiden Fox Rivera. He was born back on December 10 2008. We’ve attached a before and after image of him and one of how he looks like today. Once again, THANK YOU very much!

Kimberly & Alex R.., April 2009
Philadelphia, PA




Thank you sooooo much for doing this for us. This is one thing that can’t be held off until “later”. Thanks again! We will send pictures of our second baby once he is born.

Nikki B., January 2009
Bristol, PA




Fetal Vision Imaging told us the sex of our baby at 20 weeks, and we decided to go back at 28 weeks for a 4D ultrasound because we had such a wonderful experience. It was truly amazing…..it was indescribable to be able to see our daughter before she was even born. Seeing my daughters face brought me to tears instantly. We invited family and friends to the ultrasound and everyone got a great view with the large screen. We have recommended Fetal Vision to all of our family and friends that are expecting. Thank you again…you guys do an awesome job!

Madison Lynn – DOB- 11/26/2008- 8lbs 15 oz, 21 Inches

Patricia & Josh E., November 2008
Levittown, PA




I would like to say going to get a 3d/4d ultrasound of your baby is a must!!!! The staff and accommodations at Fetal Vision are incredible! The room where they perform the ultrasounds makes you feel like you’re in your own house and the technician that performed the procedure was so patient and knowledgeable. My little girl was hiding a lot but they knew how to get her to look our way and waited till they would get the right shot, I never felt rushed even though our appointment was running longer then expected! Getting a 3d ultrasound takes your pregnancy to a whole new intimate level. I was speechless during the whole thing but I left there feeling so much more excited about meeting my baby and couldn’t get the amazing images out of my mind. The whole experience was so beautiful, I can hardly put it into words and that day will always be one of the best days of my life 🙂

Nancee L., July 2009
Doylestown, PA




We had a wonderful ultrasound experience at Fetal Vision! Our son looks so much like the ultrasound pictures. I will keep passing your name along to anyone I know who is expecting or will be expecting. He did have hair, much more than either of our daughters, so you were right on with that =) Thanks again for a wonderful ultrasound session and we still can’t believe how much the pictures look like our kids.

Robin & Michael D., March 2009
Levittown, PA




Hi, I had my 3D ultrasound done in your facility and I wanted to send you a copy of the before and after pictures of my son. I love your facility and it was so awesome to see my son before he entered the world! Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity. I hope to visit again when I have my second child. Thank you again!

Christina O., October 2008
Pennsauken, NJ




My ultrasound was the MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! I can’t even explain the emotions that came over me when the first image came up, and even still when I watch the DVD. It’s absolutely breath taking!! I also wanted to send you a few pictures of my beautiful little girl, Scarlette. Thank you so much for giving me my first sneak peek!!

Nicole P., April 2008
Philadelphia, PA





Hi Guys:
Thank you very much! I really enjoyed my experience there and I have been spreading the word a lot! I’ve attached a couple pictures of my daughter Peyton Jade!! Again thank you!!

Melody N., November 2008
Philadelphia, PA




Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you both so much for that great experience! Seeing my little girl while she was still in my belly was absolutely breath taking. It was amazing so I wanted to introduce you to my daughter Arianna Lee who was born July 15th 2008. I really enjoyed your facility. Again, thank you both for the great opportunity of getting to see my little angel before she came into our world!

Love Always,
Chrissy, Chris & Arianna H. July 2008
Philadelphia, PA





Hello! I am sending pictures of our son Alexander. We will be sure to send a couple couples your way in the next few months.
Thanks Again, we couldn’t be happier 🙂

David & Jessie E., October 2008
Endwell, NY





We wanted to introduce our daughter Melissa Jane born January 21st, 2008! We met her for the first time at your office for our 3D ultrasound when we were only 28 weeks. We loved our visit with you! It was fun and exciting not only for us as parents, but also for our 4 year old son who was still trying to figure out what a “sister” really was! One of the reasons we did the ultrasound was so that he could meet her early and maybe give him some time to adjust before she arrived – and it worked perfectly! He adjusted to being a big brother without missing a step! Thank you so much for a great experience! Here is a before and after picture of our little princess!

Carol and John K., March 2008
Lansdale, PA




Hi John & Sherry,
We were in there about 3 months ago and we had the 3D ultrasound done. The video and pictures were amazing! Everyone in our families and all my co-workers think that it’s absolutely incredible. I even sent a co-worker who is pregnant to you guys I believe she’s coming at the end of the month. The reason that I am writing is because I saw a lot of before and after pictures on the website and in the office so I thought you might appreciate ours. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

Patty G. & Bob H., December 2008
Philadelphia, PA





I had the pleasure of visiting your ultrasound facility. I just wanted to thank you for the experience of a lifetime. The experience was so much more than I expected. Jayla Joyce was born on May 10 and it was so amazing to see how much she resembled the ultrasound pictures. I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to recommend you guys to every pregnant woman I meet. You’re the best at what you do. Thank You for such a wonderful experience!

Akeerah W., May 2008
Lindenwold, NJ




Hi I had a 3d ultrasound done at your facility I thought you might be interested to see a picture of our daughter Lailah. She was born July 17th. Thank you!

Marquerita P., July 2008
Philadelphia, PA




Hi John & Sherry,
I really enjoyed my time at Fetal Vision. I would never pass up a chance to see my baby on the big screen. It was so realistic, the 4D ultrasound is truly amazing. I would recommend this to everyone I know and everyone I don’t know for the pure fact you get to spend time with your child before they are even born. Nothing can beat having videos of him in the womb. I love the work you guys do. I think it’s amazing and in some cases like mine, truly a miracle, something very special that no one can ever take away!

Cynthia T., November 2008
Croydon, PA




My husband, Bryan, and I visited your office on 11-20-07. I was just beginning week 33. We had 2d ultrasounds every 4 weeks, so scheduling a 4d was simply to get a better view of the daughter we knew we were having. Our thought was – if the technology is there, why wouldn’t we do it? We didn’t want to kick ourselves years later for not doing it.

Jocelyn is our first child, so the entire journey was new to us. The ambiance you created in the room – the lighting, music, and overall energy – was perfect. We had hoped Little Miss Jocelyn would cooperate and give us a little show. The very first image we saw of Jocelyn was one of her blinking and smiling. If we had left with only that image, we would have been satisfied. Lucky for us, she provided us with yawns, finger sucking and a lot of movement.

She is now 3 weeks old and I still look at her everyday and think how amazing it is that she looks and acts EXACTLY as she did on 11-20. Her facial expressions and chubby cheeks cracked me up on 11-20 and they crack me up now.

I had felt bonded to Jocelyn since day one but on 11-20 my husband was able to feel a new connection with her. THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience. I shared the photos and video clips with my entire address book and everyone felt as if they knew Jocelyn 2 months before she arrived here. The experience was not just for us but for everyone who was looking forward to Jocelyn’s arrival.

Here are a few before and after shots. Jocelyn Faith arrived (one week late) on Jan 18, 2008 at 5:05pm. 7lbs, 15ozs. 20 inches long. She is happy and healthy and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

If we have another child, I plan to have a 4d ultrasound at your facility at least twice!

Tammy and Bryan M.
Southampton, PA




First congrats on the birth of your new daughter. I remember when I came into the office, you guys were not even sure you were pregnant. Second I just had to send you some pictures of Howard after he was born. We were so anxious to see what our mixed little one would look like. Dad is Philippine and I am African American, so he could have turned out looking like anybody or nobody. Thank you for giving us a peak at our little person. The picture is of Howard at 5 weeks old. Please share these pictures with others on your site. I am sure there are a lot of interracial couples that are dying to know what there baby will look like.

Thank you again,
Tracy and Marc T.
Philadelphia, PA

PS. I am referring my sister in law to you. She came with us to the appointment and now she is due in April! Please look out for her, she knows you guys are fantastic!




I got a 3D/4D ultrasound done at your facility back on August 29th. My experience at your facility was awesome. It was emotional and amazing. I have been ranting and raving about the ultrasound and everyone loves the photos. I can not get over how the ultrasound really defined the structure of the baby’s face while still in my womb!! My son Damien was born on 9/21/07 and he looks just like his ultrasound!! Thank you so much for giving my family and I that sneak peak of my son!! I have been recommending you to a lot of people, hopefully you will be seeing them soon!

Gina B. Oct 2007
Philadelphia, PA




This was worth every penny! I showed my video and pictures to everyone. They were amazed! I just found out that a friend of mine is pregnant. She is local and I told her that she has to get this done. Another friend of mine had a 4D/3D ultrasound done elsewhere 🙁 and the quality was nowhere near what Fetal Vision Imaging provides…I really feel bad for her. My husband and I are really impressed with the effort that you had put forth to give people the total experience. We understand that you have a great referral program, which is great for you to give back to your clients. Regardless, we would be sure to let everyone know how great of an experience this was. We honestly don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else. We did our research and we priced around and no one compares to the package that you deliver. We felt that you were extremely knowledgeable with regards to this type of ultrasound, my husband and I want everyone to know that we are very confident that this is safe and highly recommend it. I can’t tell you how many people have said, “I wish I could have done this when I was pregnant”. The gift that you give to people is far beyond great service, but a memory that they can visually share for years to come. To be able to look at my baby and one day say, “This is you when you were in Mommy’s Belly”, is just priceless! Thank you so very much!

With Much Appreciation,
Tina & Chris H., May 2007
Roslyn, PA




Thank you for the incredible experience not once, but twice there at Fetal Vision. It was absolutely amazing! Little Aidan Jacob has arrived and as you can imagine, things have been a little hectic. He was born May 10, 2007 at 3:57 pm, 8lbs. 11oz. and 21 ½ inches long. Once again, thank you for the wonderful experience. I think Aidan will really appreciate this when he is a little older.

Take Care,
Hope A., June 2007
Feasterville, PA




Thank you again for another great experience yesterday for our cousin Jacqueline. I attached two pics of our daughter Isabela that remind me of the pics from our 3D ultrasound at Fetal Vision. Her chubby cheeks and mouth really look the same. Thanks again, it was a worthwhile experience. We will do this again with our next baby(ies)!

Cristian and Sabrina P., Oct 2007
Philadelphia, PA




My fiancé and I had the 3D ultrasound performed at your facility in April and I just wanted to tell you how exciting it was to have a sneak preview of our baby girl. I gave Crystal the 3D ultrasound gift certificate for Christmas and it brought her to tears. I wish all of my gifts warranted this type of response; I really hit a home run with this. Our family and friends were so amazed at the clarity and detail of the images that many of them insisted on having copies to show friends.

We showed the DVD of the procedure at the baby shower and the response was tremendous. It truly was one of the most memorable times in our pregnancy and I would highly recommend your facility to perform the imaging. When we had our session we invited our mothers to attend and it was wonderful to have them experience the rush of seeing the baby for the first time.

Your facility is comfortable and welcoming and your staff was wonderful. Keira Claire was born on June 10, 2006 at 4:45am and the resemblance to the ultrasound is uncanny. I have attached a comparison photo that was taken a little over 24 hours after she was born. Any resemblance? Thanks for the wonderful experience. We plan on having another child in the near future so expect a call from us. Keep up the good work.

George G. & Crystal R., June 2006




My husband and I wanted to share a picture of Madison Riley who was born on October 1st. Thanks again for making both of our ultrasounds (26wk and 33wk) such an incredible experience.

Tami & Keith D., October 2006



I came into your office on March 02, 2006 and got a beautiful picture of my baby. So here is a picture of my little one, Dereon, at 10 weeks, born on May 18th. To me and a lot of others, you can see a very good resemblance.

Thanks for everything!!!

Shamika H., May 2006




Thanks again for our 4D Ultrasound, we really enjoy watching the DVD! We and our friends are getting a kick out of the picture, below you will see why! There is definitely no denying her for Brian! What a great experience!

Megan and Brian S. – December 2005




I have told many people about what you guys do at Fetal Vision, they are all interested. How can they not be? I will have them give you a call, they all really want to do it…they loved my pictures!!! We also think Aidan really looks like his pictures…See for yourself!

Becky and Will – January 2006




Zander Ardin
Born: May 12, 2006
9 lbs – 2 oz.
21 ½ inches long




Jorden Gabriella
Born: December 29, 2005
6 lbs – 4.5 oz
19 ¼ inches long




Baby Nicholas
Born: April 27, 2006
7 lbs. – 13 oz.




Please call us at (215) 948-8027 for an appointment or with any questions.