Traditionally, baby showers were an all-girl affair where the mama-to-be’s friends and family came together to celebrate. But like many other traditions, this has changed to include daddy-to-be and his band of merry men as well. As coed baby showers become more common, here is the lowdown on how to organize them and help the excited parents prepare for the arrival of their pride and joy.

Planning a Coed Baby Shower

A coed baby shower includes both men and women and can include as many or few guests as you like. Baby showers can also be heaps of fun for both men and women with the right planning. 

Here are some tips:

Have Coed Hosts

If possible, have a man and woman plan the big day to bring two different perspectives to planning. This can help balance out the event to create something that both men and women will enjoy, along with the expectant parents.

Prepare Your Guest List

Obvious as it sounds, you will want to make sure your guest list is a good balance of men and women, so make sure you start planning this from the beginning. The last thing you want is two men and over twenty women at a baby shower because they will end up feeling out of place.

Plan a Heartier Menu

Dainty cucumber sandwiches may not quite meet the fancy of your male guests, so you probably want to plan something a little heartier. For example, an outdoor barbecue with meats and sausages may be a great way to get the men involved. Similarly, you may want to include some burgers, hot dogs, and other appetizers that cater to everyone.

Include Alcoholic Drinks

While the mom-to-be is going to be sipping on mocktails or just plain water as many choose, the rest of your guests may want to indulge a little as they celebrate the imminent arrival of the couple’s baby. Include beer, wine, and cocktails as part of the drink menu.

Plan Games

You can plan coed games or partner games to include all guests in the fun. Some cool coed game ideas include parent trivia, filling baby bottles with different drinks and getting guests to guess them, baby food tasting, and more.

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