Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and delight. Parents often wonder how the baby looks during development, which is why getting an ultrasound is so exciting. 

A traditional ultrasound provides a glimpse of your baby in the womb. That first peek at your baby can be breathtaking — but what if you could see your baby’s face and movements before they’re even born? Well, it is possible with 4D ultrasound.

See Baby Clearly with a 4D Ultrasound

Most people are familiar with traditional 2D ultrasounds, which produce black and white flat images that appear grainy and blurred. While obstetricians can observe a lot about fetal development from a 2D ultrasound, parents do not get a good idea of the baby’s appearance. 

Innovations in ultrasound technology, specifically 4D ultrasound, have made it possible to see embryonic movements better than 2D or 3D ultrasounds. 

Fetal Vision Imaging’s high-resolution 4D ultrasound allows parents to see the baby’s face and observe actions such as breathing, hand-to-head movements, and swallowing. Seeing a baby in this way can be an exciting moment in the pregnancy journey. For some parents, seeing apparent facial features and movements is the initial stage of bonding with the baby. 

When there are twins, that’s double the excitement! For twin ultrasounds in Bucks County, parents can count on Fetal Vision Imaging to provide clear high-resolution images.

To Reveal or Not Reveal

Like many expecting parents, you may be eager to know your baby’s gender before birth. A 4D ultrasound at Fetal Vision can typically show a baby’s gender with 100% accuracy at 15 weeks of the pregnancy. 

Gender reveal before birth has become an anticipated event in many families. With 4D Ultrasound videos, parents get high-quality video keepsakes to share with family and friends. However, if you prefer to wait until birth for your gender reveal, request that the sonographer exclude the “diaper” area during the scan.

Choose High-Quality 4D Ultrasound with Fetal Vision Imaging

Fetal Vision Imaging offers High Definition 3D/4D ultrasound with the best image clarity in the industry for parents eager to meet their babies before birth. Call Fetal Vision Imaging today to learn more and to schedule a 4D ultrasound appointment.