If you’ve been searching for new maternity clothing, then it’s possible that you’ve stumbled upon another product marketed to pregnant women — pregnancy pillows. But what are they, and why does a pregnant woman need a pregnancy pillow? Also known as maternity pillows, they can provide mothers with support and comfort in more ways than one. Let’s look at what a pregnancy pillow is and the benefits it can bring to your life.

Eases Pregnancy Pain

So, what is a pregnancy pillow used for? They’re specially designed to support and accommodate the changing body of a woman throughout her pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows are capable of cushioning several body parts at the same time to provide support exactly where it’s needed the most. This trait is especially helpful for pregnant women, as it will relieve any aches and pains they experience. As the growing baby increases its body weight, it will put more pressure on the mother’s spine, hips, and other parts. A pregnancy pillow will help ease the pain in these parts of a woman’s body. Using the pillow can also improve common pregnancy pains such as leg cramps and heartburn.

Helps Provide a Good Night’s Sleep

If you ask a mother what a pregnancy pillow is used for, they’ll likely tell you how much it can benefit sleep. Pregnant women typically need to transition to a new sleeping position to accommodate their growing baby, and a maternity pillow will help them do so comfortably. A pregnancy pillow can be especially helpful during the later stages of pregnancy when finding a comfortable position to sleep becomes harder. Not only can the pillow help mothers align their necks and hips while sleeping, but — more importantly — it will help them avoid rolling onto their back in the middle of the night.

When sleeping with a pregnancy pillow, women will be able to enter a much deeper state of sleep than if they were uncomfortable. Thanks to their longer and more restful sleep, they’ll be able to recover more easily from a long day of stress and promote healthier conditions for their baby. Plus, the cushioning of pregnancy pillows makes it more comfortable to sleep on your side, which allows for better blood circulation — something that is especially important for pregnant women.

Offers Post-Delivery Support

Given all of the benefits the pillows offer during pregnancy, there’s a question that’s likely entered your mind — why does a pregnant woman need a pregnancy pillow after delivery? Fortunately, pregnancy pillows will continue to provide you with support even after the delivery. For example, you may not be able to transition back to your regular sleeping position right after giving birth. A maternity pillow will help you rest more comfortably following childbirth, especially if you need extra support after a painful delivery. In addition, the pillow can be adjusted to help you find a more comfortable nursing position, making breastfeeding easier for both you and your baby.

What Pregnancy Pillow Is Right for Me?

When searching for a pregnancy pillow, you’ll find that they come in many different shapes and sizes. There are actually several types of pregnancy pillows available, and the best one for you can depend on your unique needs. If you want to know what pregnancy pillow is an ideal pick for you, here’s a look at the benefits of small and large sizes.

The smallest pillows are sometimes referred to as maternity cushions. Whether they’re bean-shaped or wedged-shaped, their smaller size allows you to target a particular part of your body that needs support the most.

Full body pillows are perfect for women of any height and provide support to multiple areas throughout their entire body. They can come in either a C or a U shape, with U-shaped pillows fully supporting your back — perfect for back sleepers. However, because of their size, they might pose a problem if you have a small bed or are sharing it with another person.

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