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Things are getting real now; your due date is within sight. You have the nursery ready, and you’ve experienced the thrill of a high-definition 3D ultrasound. You’re ready to meet this tiny human growing inside you, and you want to make sure you’re prepared. That includes packing your hospital bag with the essentials.

For You and Your Birth Partner

Your hospital bag should contain a mix of essential items as well as items that make you feel more at home in the birthing suite and that provide you with comfort. Some things to bring along can include:

  • A comfy robe or two. Having a spare is important if you get one dirty.
  • Toiletries such as a brush, shampoo (think about dry shampoo in case you don’t feel like washing your hair), deodorant, hair scrunchies, face wipes, toothbrush and paste, and contact lens solution (if needed).
  • A favorite quilt and pillows.
  • A nursing bra if you plan to nurse.
  • Comfortable clothing to wear home. Clothes for your birthing partner.
  • Charging cord for your phone.
  • Puzzle books or magazines to read if labor lasts long and you need a diversion.
  • Snacks and a sleeping bag and pillow for your partner or support person.

For the Baby

Your baby will need some things too. Although the hospital provides essentials for your newborn, you also need to bring:

  • An approved and up-to-date car seat.
  • An outfit to wear home.
  • Contact information for the pediatrician you plan to use.
  • An extra blanket or two.

What You Don’t Need to Pack

Although you can bring baby formula of your preference if you’d like, the hospital provides formula too, usually with some to take home. They will also send you home with some diapers and wipes and typically a bulb aspirator, pacifier, blankets, and other small necessities. In addition, hospitals generally send moms home with some feminine protection products.

When Should You Pack?

Packing your hospital bag by about 36 weeks is probably the smartest idea, just in case you go into labor prior to your due date, which many women do. And remember — if you forget something, your partner or a family member can always run it to you at the hospital, so don’t stress too much!

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